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EURT (erc20) token technicaly used for transaction.

EURT (erc20) token total supply - 1,000,000 ,000 eurt.

EURT (erc20) token trade will be in

Our future exchange- OOOBTC, P2PB2B, YOBIT, UPBIT,IDAX ,FatBtc,Stex,IDex,Bitibu etc.

EURT contract address : 0x307A736BAb7976302f630aB151314981C5924569


You need to join -EURT (non official ) telegram group-

About Eurt CLUB

EURT (erc20) is an open-source, decentralized and prediction token built on the Ethereum blockchain.

There are many organizations working to help the people around the world  specially poverty and hunger affected areas. EURT (erc20) mission is to help defeat hunger and empower generation to save food through EURT community  around the world. EURT aims to “alleviate suffering,hunger  by helping people".Our mission is to increase fundraising activities and participation within our EURT community partner from different countries by providing not only food aid and supplies but on-the-ground assistance as well. The funds raised through EURT community will be spend on bringing direct help to food crises region.
Our main focus will be on individual regular basis meals especially for those who cannot earn for themselves.their is lots of regions where the most basic necessity food is compromised ,our aim is to reach to them.


How much you Earn by referral?

1 Level - 10
2 Level - 2.5
3 Level - 5
4 Level - 7.5
5 Level - 2.5
6 Level - 5
7 Level - 7.5
8 Level - 5
9 Level - 2.5
10 Level - 2.5

Frequently Asked Questions

No , if any member has already paid 10$ / 0.10 Eth in first phase of marketing , they dont need to  pay 0.03eth for 2  withdraw request. 

From 3rd withdraw request they need to pay 0.03eth .

After the Airdrop phase you will be able to do withdrawal request to Any erc20 token supporting wallet .

1.Exchange which supports eurt token wallet - 

2. MEw

3. Metamask



After confirmation of your email , your referral link will be active than you will be able to start referral and earn extra eurt token.

you give your 0.03 eth for a noble cause. in this 0.03 eth- 

0.01eth-  for food

0.005eth-  Devloper team  expenses

0.005eth-  transaction fees.

0.01eth-   maintenance expenses.

* every time you trade in,90% of  the commission generate will be divide in two things-  (40% maintenance fees of eurt & 60% give away food to the poor people.

There is no re-invest option availabale.

There is no investment function available. 

There is a limit for joining ,per person one account only.

If you are not paying 0.03eth , then you are not able to withdraw .


Airdrop active for 12 days only.

We are not sell the packages. so you need to pay the withdraw fees.


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